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Let us help you plan your golden years with an elder care lawyer.

Elder care may sound like it should just include finding a nice home to place your elderly loved ones in to ensure they are well looked after in their golden years, but it actually includes a bit more legal concerns than you might think. Here at The Law Offices of Kayce C. Staehle, we have an elder care lawyer who can help you with any number of elder care issues in the Davidson, North Carolina area, including disability, receiving Medicaid benefits, and long-term care planning.

Elder Care Lawyer in Davidson, North Carolina

We understand that reaching your golden years comes with a lot of experience and knowledge, so we will treat you and/or your loved ones with the dignity and respect you deserve as we help you navigate through planning your remaining years and finding any nursing home care. Our elder care lawyer is essential to ensuring you or your loved ones receive the proper care and treatment during these years, and we are prepared to help you through any legal concerns.

We can also help you with special needs planning, Medicaid application, asset protection planning, estate planning, guardianship concerns, and any other legal work you may face down the road, so you can feel confident and at ease throughout the process.

You’ve worked hard your whole life, so sit back and relax as our elder care lawyer takes care of the rest of the planning and legal concerns for your care. Give us a call today to set an appointment with our lawyer, so we can help you get the golden years you or your loved one deserve.

At The Law Offices of Kayce C. Staehle, our elder care lawyer proudly serves those in Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver, Davidson, Concord, and Charlotte, North Carolina.


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