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Estate Administration & Probate, Mooresville, NC

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All your possessions, including personal belongings, real estate, stocks, and money, become part of your estate when you die. The process of collecting and managing an estate, distributing property to the estate’s heirs, and paying off any taxes is known as the estate administration & probate process.

estate administration

The estate administration & probate process can either be formal or informal. During informal probate proceedings, the court will appoint someone to manage the estate, some basic paperwork will be filed, the assets will be distributed, debts paid off, and the court will approve the distribution of assets. In these cases, the court may never hold a hearing and only review the filed paperwork.

In other cases, like when family members dispute a will, formal estate administration & probate proceedings may occur. These formal proceedings typically involve more court oversight and a few court hearings. The end goal is to properly administer the estate and ensure the last wishes of the decedent are carried out.

Either informal or formal, the estate administration & probate process should always be overseen by a lawyer. At The Law Offices of Kayce C. Staehle, our lawyer dedicates her time to estate planning cases, including estate administration & probate, and would be happy to take on your family’s case during this difficult time.

Our estate planning lawyer – Kayce C. Staehle – understands that even though estate administration is necessary, the ensuing process is never easy. Contact our firm for dedicated, compassionate estate administration guidance in the Mooresville, North Carolina area.

At The Law Offices of Kayce C. Staehle, we can assist with estate and trust administration for those in Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver, Davidson, Concord, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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