Who Needs an Estate Plan?

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This information is taken from Chapter 1 of Kayce’s book “Check with Me Before You Check Out,” a common sense estate planning guide for your family.

Estate planning is not just for the sick or elderly. Estate planning is for the prepared. It is for those who are realistic. It is for those who understand the next day is not promised and wish to prepare and protect their family members from unintended consequences.

So, what groups of people are these?

  • They are adult individuals, 18 years old or older
  • They are married couples
  • They are families with minor children
  • They are dysfunctional families
  • They are committed couples, heterosexual or homosexual
  • They are folks new to North Carolina
  • They are folks who have changed needs or desires in their existing plans
  • These are folks looking to save on taxes, protect and provide for special needs children, and give charitably
  • These may be people trying to avoid some consequence of not planning, like disinheritance

In short, this may include any and all people.

This is why one needs to consider estate planning carefully and get a plan in place. The purpose of this material is to educate current and future clients as to the importance of having an estate plan, its components and the options.

Just as important, one should make sure their plan will meet their needs should the inevitable come sooner than later as well as being versatile based on known variables.