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Some of Most Famous Estate Planning Mistakes

November 15, 2021
If you do not learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them. In Estate Planning, if you do not learn from other’s mistakes, you are likely to repeat them.
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Do You Need a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust?

November 14, 2021
On the surface, the difference between revocable and irrevocable trusts couldn’t be any more straightforward. You can change your revocable trust whenever and however you choose. You can’t change your irrevocable trust at all.
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What Is Probate?

November 12, 2021
The probate process gets a bad reputation, but it’s the reality many families will face. It is a process that can function well for some small estates.
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The Estate Planning Talk with your Parents

November 12, 2021
Discussing estate planning with your parents is a conversation that can be difficult to have. You might not want to think about the day they are no longer here, or even consider that they might experience a decline in health that severely limits their ability to think clearly or communicate with you.
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Retirement Planning-Will Inflation Ruin My Retirement?

November 2, 2021
As America’s economy reopens, we’re seeing higher inflation rates. This unwelcome surge should prompt retirees to consider the threat it could pose to their financial security.
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Should I Delay Filing for Social Security?

November 1, 2021
In a rush to file for Social Security benefits at age 62? Many people are, but slow down and do the math first – or you might regret it.
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Legal Guardianship of an Adult in NC. What's Involved?

November 1, 2021
To say there’s intense international interest over how pop star Britney Spears lost control of her estimated net worth of $60 million, as well as most of her personal and medical decisions, would be a gross understatement.
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Rollover IRA Mistakes that can be costly

October 25, 2021
With Covid-triggered changes in the economy and more people taking early retirement or changing jobs, there has been a surge in rollovers from 401(k)s to individual retirement accounts.
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Conservatorship Battle over Star Trek Actress

October 14, 2021
Legendary actress Nichelle Nichols, best known for her role as Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek, is caught in the middle of what has been a years-long conservatorship battle.
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Cut Your Expenses in Retirement!

October 13, 2021
Making ends meet during retirement can be a challenge. However, there are many ways to reduce your expenses without sacrificing your quality of life.
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