What is Elder Care Law?

POSTED ON: April 3, 2023
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The growing number of elderly people in the U.S. has created a larger need for elder care law attorneys to manage the distinct needs of seniors than ever before. Elder care law is the legal practice of representing and counseling older people with special needs and their representatives about the details of public benefits, long-term care planning, estates, legal capacity, and more.

The main goal of elder care law is to always honor the wishes of the elderly client. This area of law is also focused on protecting elderly people from neglect, abuse, and other unethical or illegal violations of their rights.

Today, assets management concerns for the elderly are much more consequential and sophisticated than even in recent past. Not only has medical care managed to extend the physical ability and lifespan of the elderly, but it has also become more advanced.

Because of this, all elderly people should consider creating powers of attorney. This power can be limited and, for example, can give an accountant the authority to file your taxes on your behalf. But your powers of attorney can also be very broad and may involve giving a family member the authority to make medical or other decisions on your behalf.

As you grow older, you may experience incapacitation, which occurs when you can no longer express your wishes. If this happens, you need someone to help you manage the activities of daily living. If this occurs, the court may establish a guardianship or conservatorship, giving someone broad authority over your financial, medical, and personal life.

Talk to an elder care lawyer about all the aspects of elder care law and how to create plans to support your wishes and plans as you get older.

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